Persona 5 Cosplay of Futaba Proves Once Again Why She is Best Girl

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You can’t blink without a new up-and-comer entering the cosplay scene. On our radar this week is a Russian cosplayer who took on Persona 5 best girl (fight me), Futaba Sakura. In fact, her photoshoot is so spot on, its inspired me to jump back into the arguably best game on PS4.

Russian cosplayer Tsuramari broke out the picture on the Persona 5 subreddit earlier today to show it off:

my recent Futaba cosplay! :3c from r/Persona5


As you would imagine, the dedicated community went wild with plenty of “hoo boy” going around:

More importantly, Tsuramari seems to actively dedicate a ton of cosplay to the Persona 5 communuty. While her Twitter account is just taking off with less than 50 followers there are plenty of great shots between her (as Futaba) and protagonist Akira:

Heck, she is even doing our dearly departed PlayStation Vita a service by throwing it into the photo series:

Or, you can catch out the rest of the Phantom Thieves, alongside some Persona 5 stylistic editing to make the composure pop:

Now if (like me) this is making you want to jump back into the game, good fortune may smile upon you soon. DualShockers is hoping (read “expecting”) an announcement on the mysterious Persona 5 R to come on March 23, accompanying the Starts and Ours anime special. We were able to accurately predict the title’s announcement teaser last time after an onslaught of leaks from developer Atlus.

Of course, you don’t need to hold your breath for the game to start enjoying it and its passionate community. Outside of cosplay, the recurring fanbase are taking part in a load of cool projects — whether it be creating a Game Boy Advanced era version of the game, a must-have board game, or splicing together Persona 5 and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in a cool combination art project.

If you somehow haven’t picked up your copy of Persona 5 yet, you can support Atlus and the franchise by picking up the game on Amazon. Meanwhile, go ahead and give Tsuramari a follow, both on her dedicated cosplay Twitter account and Instagram — especially if you want to catch other Futaba photoshoots.

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