13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Anniversary Stream Summary

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On November 28, Sega, Atlus and Vanillaware held a special live stream for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, celebrating the first year anniversary of the game. The stream is over. We’re now polishing the article, adding several details, so   keep F5-ing.

The stream featured multiple seiyuu from the game. Jun Fukuyama who voices Renya Gouto. Kaoru Sakura, who voices Natusno Minami. Mutsumi Tamura, who voices Tsukasa Okino. Takayuki Ishii, who voices Takatoshi Hijiyama. They were all wearing the one year anniversary t-shirt. The stream MC was Tomomi Isomura, as usual with Atlus related streams.

They first quickly introduced the game for those who didn’t hear about it, and most notably mentioned it got nominated at The Game Awards 2020 for best narrative.

The game is currently 39% off as a san kyuu to the fans.

Note that this article contains spoilers.

The first part of the stream had the seiyuu chat about their favorite scene and dialogue lines.

That segment was particularly funny as the seiyuu commented each scene being played back.

Kaori Sakura: When Yuki Takamiya meets Natsuno again for the first time. She also really loves the picture with the two of them when they were kids.

Fukujun: When Renya stops the taxi in a stylish way after getting out of the Shikishima building. Fukujun jokingly said he’d tremble like crazy if he rode a taxi in high school, being so nervous.

The seiyuu trying to stop a taxi.

Takayuki Ishii: Hijiyama gets jealous and punches Ogata after Okino confesses to him. When they recorded the Prologue demo, the script didn’t tal kabout Yakisoba Pan yet or Okino, so Ishii though Hijiyama would be a really cool character, not a comedy type of character. He really liked how he turned out.

Mutsumi Tamura: The scene with Okino and Hijiyama from the future discussing and being lovey dovey.

Second segment: Results of the fan survey

Favorite characters fan poll

10: Kisaragi Tomi. 9: Kurabe Juuro. 8: Ogata Nenji. 7: Fuyusaka Iori. 6: Miura Keitaro. 5: Yakushiji Megumi.4: Tsukasa Okino.

3: Natsuno Minami

2: Hijiyama Takatoshi

Fukujun jokingly was like “I’m a popular seiyuu, my char definitely gonna be first”.

1: Shinonome Ryouko

Fukujun joking: “Well, I’m a popular seiyuu, I’m sure Gotou was like 11th”.

Then the ranking from 11th to 30th was revealed, and Gotou really turned out to be 11th.

Fukujun joking: “If you look at the ranking this way, Gotou is at the top”

Favorite Start Marker location

5: Yakushiji. 4: Ogata. 3: Juuro. 2: Shinonome.

The seiyuu: “this’ll turn into a fetish discussion right?”

1: Fuyusaka. Way higher votes than the others. The seiyuu explained it’s cool and cute, and she feels like the perfect invincible JK.
The ranking trolled and and first made it as if Hijiyama won, before switching to Fuyusaka.

Gotou was 11th again. Hijiyama was 12th.

Fukujun invented a pretty cool story on the spot about Hijiyama hugging Okino from behind and activating his marker if he had it on his arm. Kaoru Sakura said Okino should have his marker on ring finger.

Next segment: Favorite scenes and dialogue lines from the characters whose seiyuu were present on stream: Gotou, Okino, Minami, Hijiyama.

They had a lot of fun voicing the scene when Okino tied up Hijiyama. They did multiple retakes because it’s supposed to be a serious scene but they’d made it have too much sexual tension. Mutsumi Tamura voiced a certain line from it live too. She said she usually doesn’t voice characters acting sexily like this so she was really hyped.


Talking about Hijiyama favorite scenes, they commented how the English voice acting for Hijiyama eating Yakisoba pan is super erotic. So Takayuki Ishii did it too, parodying it and making it even more erotic. The seiyuu were shocked how they found the cool translation “My Yakisoba Pan Angel” for “Yakisoba Pan no Kimi”.

We’ll be adding more details from this segment after the stream ends.

Next was the goods announcement segment

First, they mentioned the new books released on November 28, 2020 for the game’s anniversary.

Next were the upcoming goods. Last thing is a BJ towel.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Upcoming figures: Fuyusaka Iori Nendo. Two different Minami Natsuno and BJ figures.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Anniversary Goods

New manga, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Kochira Sector X. A comedy SD 4-koma manga.


More goods including ultra cute plushies. The art were used for the shop specific preorder goods in Japan.

We’ll add more details for this segment once the stream ends.

The next segment was the Live Concert segment.

It was a really cool medley of the game’s masterpiece of an OST. Included Miyuki Inaba IRL singer Fuu Ito with the full version of her song. Seaside Vacation.

After the concert, Fuu Ito shared some comments. She was really happy to be part of the game and to be at its events (she was at the previous spoiler talk with fans as well, doing a similar short concert).

After the concert, a brand new OST album was announced. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Remix & Arrange Album -The Branched-. Basiscape is also making a new song for Miyuki Inaba.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Year Anniversary Stream Final Segment, Stream Ending

Each of the seiyuu shared some final words.

Fukujun: incredibly happy to be part of this project, wants more people to discover the game, looking forward to to books, manga etc.

. Kaoru Sakura, who voices Natusno Minami. Mutsumi Tamura, who voices Tsukasa Okino. Takayuki Ishii, who voices Takatoshi Hijiyama

Kaoru Sakura: Wants to erase her memory and replay the game. She loves Boy Meets Girl stories like this.

Takayuki Ishii: Really happy to have been called for all these event. Don’t look at spoilers and walkthroughs, just play teh game if you haven’t yet. Try it out if you played the previous games like Odin Sphere etc.

Mutsumi Tamura: I don’t play games much but really enjoyed it. Was a really good epxeriene. You can always play in Easy mode too. Wants more and more people to enjoy the game.

Tomomi Isomura wants to do more events like these. Hopefully there will be more.

The stream ended with a special video of all the fanart and messages sent in by fans. Yo ucan watch it below:

That’s all. Stay tuned as we’ll be polishing this artile and add several details. Personally, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is one of my favorite games of the decade. So that was a really great and fun stream to watch. I’m surprised Sega didn’t announce the game on Switch though. However though, I would have liked a simple port, but not the usual enhanced version that adds a female character voiced by a popular seiyuu. I don’t have the time to play the game again anytime soon, even if it’s a masterpiece.


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