Bee Simulator is Now Receiving a 2019 Release Date to Incorporate Player Feedback

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It was first reported last month that Bee Simulator would come to PC this year with PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch releases to follow at a later date, but VARSAV Game Studios have now postponed the launch until spring 2019 due to players wanting more from the game, pushing the studio to “live up to the expectations of a larger than expected group of users.”

Łukasz Rosiński, VARSAV Game Studios Creative Director explained on the game’s release being pushed back to early next year:

“Many positive reactions lead us to believe that we were correct in choosing a honey bee to be the main protagonist in our first game. Bees and their huge role in our ecosystem, habits prevailing in the beehive and the problems harassing them were a very strong base for the creation of Bee Simulator. At the same time, we were forced to live up to the expectations of a larger than expected group of users – mainstream gamers. We received lots of comments detailing the functions they would like to see in our game. To meet those expectations, we decided to change our schedule and push back Bee Simulator’s launch by a few months. We would like to thank you for each idea that we’ve received and we’d like to recommend that you watch our social media platforms, where we’ll present the result of our collaboration with the players.”

Due to the enormous amount of feedback via Gamescom and PAX West Bee Simulator has received, it led the developers to include the following changes to their upcoming development plan:

  • Adding two different gameplay modes to the game. An easy one, designed with kids in mind specifically, and a more challenging one prepared for adult gamers.
  • Adding a completely new combat system that adult gamers will enjoy.
  • Adding new opponents.
  • Redesigning the “bee dance”, so it was more in line with adult gamers’ expectations.
  • Allowing our bee to actually sting people. In the end, you don’t always have to be a well-BEEhaved bee.
  • Making bee races more complex, so they not only for children pose a challenge.
  • Adding additional maps, specifically for local split-screen mode.

Bee Simulator will come to PC and at least one console in spring 2019, with further console releases to follow at a later date.

Check out the new Bee Simulator announcement trailer summary below:

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