Catherine: Full Body Adult Love Issues Theater Final Video Focuses on Vincent and His Friends

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Atlus and Studio Zero published episode 6 of the Catherine: Full Body Adult Love Issues Theater, which is also the last video in the series. It’s titled “The Men’s Opinion on Love” and focuses on Vincent and his drink buddies: Tobias “Toby” Nebbins, Jonathan “Jonny” Ariga and Orlando Haddick.

Here’s a translation of the video. I wish I could upload it on YouTube, but Atlus is quite strict with these things.

Question: What do you think of mariage?
Orlando: It’s the worst thing ever. You can guess by seeing how mine turned out. You’ll spend the rest of your life according to the whims of your wife.
Question: So, you guys don’t want to marry?
Jonny: I will, when I meet the right woman. I’m not like you guys. Vincent, you never even thought about marrying your current girlfriend right?
Vincent: What if you never meet the right one?
Jonny: Well, I’ll just stay single forever.
Toby: It’s because of guys like you I’ll never get a girlfriend myself.
Orlando: Well of course you won’t, seeing you only hang out with us.
Question: You’re not limited to girls you know?
Toby: But I’m only into girls. You’re the same too Vincent right?
Vincent: Well… yeah.
Question: Really?
Vincent: Actually, it doesn’t feel bad once your broaden your horizons.

You can find the video below. Here are the translations of the previous Adult Love Issues Theater videos:

Catherine: Full Body’s DLCs and the game’s Japanese Limited Edition were revealed back at Tokyo Game Show 2018. The first DLC is the “Ideal Voice” DLC and it’ll be comprised of different voice actresses players can set for Catherine, and all of them previously voiced Persona girls. You can hear them all in a trailer dedicated to it.

You can also read about the Persona 5 collaboration, and the second DLC, the “Nero Glasses”, which makes everyone into their underwear. There’s also the game’s latest trailer, narrated by the legendary Norio Wakamoto.

Catherine: Full Body releases for Vita and PS4 on February 14th in Japan and in “2019” in the west.

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