Gears 5 Gets Six New Characters for a Variety of Modes Today

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Operation 1, the first stop on the Gears 5 DLC roadmap, brought four new characters today. Two more characters from the Terminator: Dark Fate Character Pack also got dropped today. Let’s start with the four classics from Operation 1.

Added to the lineup is COG Gear, DeeBee, Warden, and General RAAM. Each of these characters can be earned through the totem system or by purchasing them for 500 Iron. It’s estimated that each character will take about 10 hours to earn through blood, sweat, and tears.

While these characters can be used as skins in regular old Versus Multiplayer once you unlock them, they’re separate characters in every other mode. That means that they have special abilities in different modes. COG Gear gets new abilities in Arcade, Escape, and Horde mode. They can instantly revive comrades in PVE and receive active reloads for kills in Arcade. Your two flavors of COG Gear skins are Private Vermelo and Private Casan. General RAAM gets that same Arcade ability. Deebee and Warden also only get Arcade abilities–theirs is the capability to see enemies through walls.

Each character has a unique challenge to complete if you want to unlock them through the totem method:

  • COG Gear: Get 200 assists as a COG Team character in Versus, Horde or Escape
  • DeeBee: Get 100 Reject kills in Horde or Escape
  • Warden: Eliminate 10 Wardens in Horde or Escape
  • General RAAM: Execute 30 COG characters as a Swarm character

Next up are the Terminator: Dark Fate characters Grace, voiced by Mackenzie Davis, and the Rev-9 Terminator model. They join the previously released Sarah, voiced by Linda Hamilton, and T-800 as a separate character pack. Each character pack is $20 in the Microsoft store.

Make sure you stick around for a full match whenever you can, regardless of what character you use. Gears 5 developer The Coalition recently announced that it’ll be cracking down on players who repeatedly drop out of matches by doling out lengthy suspensions.

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