GTA: Vice City Mural Spotted in Miami, Featuring Iconic Characters

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There are perhaps no games more nostalgia-inducing than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. And it seems fitting that the Scarface-inspired game has an artistic tribute in the city it is based on: Miami, Florida. Thankfully, some awesome artists have come together to honor one of the best GTA games with a terrific mural alluding to the in-game loading screens.

The mural was first spotted and shared on the dedicated GTA Reddit community:

Was in Miami for spring break and found this. Instant nostalgia… from r/GTA


For those of you who don’t remember, the iconic bikini-clad women is one of the Twins (either Bella or Stella) who appear in either Pole Position or the Malibu Club. The aviator-clad man is Sonny Forelli, the Italian-American ringleader of the Forelli Family mob.

If these two characters are familiar to you, don’t be surprised. They were the pinnacle characters on the in-game loading screen for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as the game would initially boot up the map. In fact, if you want an instant blast of nostalgia, here is the music-free loading screens from the PS4 port of the fan favorite GTA title:

How do we know this is some relatively fresh work? You can go ahead and check Google Maps yourself. Specifically, the building can be found at 274 NW 32nd Street, Miami, Florida (or just check the image below):

GTA Online Vice City Mural

The same building, entirely unpainted. A lot less interesting… right? I’m not positive how this is affecting everyone’s property values nearby, but I would love to be near the “Vice City house.”

Obviously this is far from the only homage we have for the GTA series — regardless of whether ti deals with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. If you haven’t seen it, recreated character movements of San Andreas is pure comedy gold on the level of Elder Scrolls recreations. Meanwhile, in one of his better incoherent series of tweets, Kanye West was sharing screenshots of GTA mods for concept cars. You know, between him trying to find out more about both Cyberpunk 2077 and tracking down Death Stranding creator, Hideo Kojima. Seriously.

In the meantime, if this is giving you an itch to return back to Vice City, the game is available on PC, PS4 and mobile devices.

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