Here’s How PUBG’s New Canted Sight Works (and Changes the Game)

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I’ve logged an absurd amount of hours into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on Xbox One (God rest my soul) and two Steam accounts (because apparently I was too good and they thought I was hacking).

In all of that time, I’ve never seen an update as influential to PUBG as the addition of Canted Sights. In case you have no idea what that means or you’re just looking to learn how to use them, here you go:

What is a Canted Sight?

The Canted Sight is being added to the game in the upcoming patch 25, which is currently playable on the PUBG Test Server on PC. It’s a weapon attachment that’s being added to the loot pool and allows players to quickly switch between any sight of their choosing and a canted red dot sight.

How do I use a Canted Sight?

To begin, you’ve got to find a Canted Sight. They’re pretty common around the map. Then, you’ll have to slap it on your weapon to the right of the scope/sight attachment slot.

Once you’ve got a Canted Sight attached to your weapon (ensuring that your weapon can, in fact, utilize this attachment) all you need to do is use the default key binding:

Alt+Right Mouse Click

Doing so will allow your character to shift the gun ever-so-slightly to the left or the right to use the canted red dot sight.

What strategies should I take with the Canted Sight?

It can be used on Sniper Rifles like the M24 or AWM to switch from the long-range 8x scope to a much more up-close-and-personal red dot sight. It’s not guaranteed to make you better at quickscoping, but it may help you out in a pinch if your enemy is too close for comfort.

The attachment is also very good on most every Assault Rifle if you switch between a 6x or 4x scope and the canted sight.


On the whole, the addition of this one new weapon attachment stands poised to change the fundamental way that people play PUBG. In the past, you’ve usually needed a long-range gun and a short-range gun and you’ve had to equip attachments to them to help with that distinction. Now, however, you can employ an M416, for example, throughout the entire game for both short and long-range fights. This essentially frees up your second weapon slot.

Now, you could try using that crossbow or shotgun throughout the match because the Canted Sight allows you to get more functionality out of your weapons. (I’m not saying the Crossbow is good, but it does one-shot-kill anyone in the head, even with a Level 3 helmet)

That Alt+Right Mouse Button key binding can be altered in the games settings. I’d recommend a mouse button if you’ve got some unused ones lying around.

Patch 25 is currently available on the PUBG Test Server. It won’t be too long before you can experience the Canted Sight (and the new Snow Bike) in the live version of the game. Until then, consider sharing this article with your squad so they know what to do when it does officially release.

PUBG is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android. Players can pick up the game on Amazon now.

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