How to Build Your Own (Better) PlayStation Classic on PS3, PSP, or PS Vita

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As announced earlier in the year, Sony has created their very own PlayStation Classic in response to Nintendo’s NES Classic and SNES Classic releases, bundling 20 PlayStation 1 “classics” onto a smaller version of the original console and with the original DualShock controllers.

However, personally (and for a lot of others out there) I find that the actual lineup is…not great. Lots of actual classics from the PS1 era are missing, most of which are even available on the PlayStation Store already, though stuck in the last generation due to the PlayStation 4’s incompatibility with the PlayStation 3 software.

With that in mind, I wanted to put together a list of PSOne Classics available to play on the PlayStation 3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita that surpass the official offerings from Sony’s $100 mini-console. While the pricing will be more when totaled together (around $150 w/o tax) compared to the PlayStation Classic, and you’ll have to break out an older PlayStation system to do it, the lineup more than makes up for it.

Below you’ll find a list of 20 classic PS1 games that I put together, along with their prices (as of this time of writing) and links to purchase them on the US PlayStation Store, in the hopes that you might be able to create your own makeshift “PlayStation Classic”:

  1. Syphon Filter $5.99
  2. MediEvil $5.99
  3. Crash Bandicoot $5.99
  4. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night $9.99
  5. Spyro the Dragon $5.99
  6. Twisted Metal 2 $5.99
  7. WipEout $5.99
  8. Suikoden II $9.99
  9. Final Fantasy VII $9.99
  10. Metal Gear Solid $9.99
  11. Street Fighter Alpha 3 $9.99
  12. Resident Evil 2 $5.99
  13. Tomb Raider $9.99
  14. Silent Hill $5.99
  15. Final Fantasy Tactics $9.99
  16. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver $5.99
  17. Dino Crisis $5.99
  18. Vagrant Story $5.99
  19. Parasite Eve $5.99
  20. Armored Core $5.99

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