Kingdom Hearts III New Keyblades Revealed on Twitter

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The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account shared 10 new images today of the various Keyblades themed after the Disney worlds appearing in Kingdom Hearts III. The thread on Twitter asked fans which Keyblade they were most excited to use in the upcoming game. Check out all 10 Keyblades in our gallery below!

If you are wary of spoilers or want to be surprised with each new Keyblade when you finally play, then check out our guide to avoiding spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III instead! The Keyblades themselves don’t spoil the worlds or stories themselves. Not even their abilities are revealed, just their designs.

Out of the 10 Keyblades, nine of them are brand new or feature a new design. The only Keyblade that is the same is the original Kingdom Key. All of these Keyblades are for worlds confirmed to appear in Kingdom Hearts III, lending more credence to the fact there may be no more surprise Disney worlds in the game. Some of these Keyblades can even be seen in person at the Kingdom Hearts III pop-up shop at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL.

Kingdom Hearts III will finally be out on January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One — just under three weeks away! If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy yet, you can lock one in on Amazon here. If you would like the Deluxe Edition of Kingdom Hearts III instead, you may pre-order that version on Amazon here.

Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Key Keyblade
Kingdom Hearts III Star Seeker Keyblade
Kingdom Hearts III Tangled Keyblade
Kingdom Hearts III Olympus Keyblade
Kingdom Hearts III Big Hero 6 Keyblade
Kingdom Hearts III Toy Story Keyblade
Kingdom Hearts III Monsters Inc Keyblade
Kingdom Hearts III Pirates Keyblade
Kingdom Hearts III Frozen Keyblade
Kingdom Hearts III Winnie the Pooh Keyblade

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