PS4 Exclusive Project Judge Gets Tons of 1080p Screenshots Showing Fighting, New Characters, and More

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Today Sega released a large gallery of brand new screenshots of the upcoming Yakuza spin-off Judge Eyes, known in the west as Project Judge. 

First of all, we get to see a mission in the game, then the focus shifts on combat.

The game’s protagonist’s battle style is very different from that of Kazuma Kiryu, as it’s based on speed and agility. The battle action within the Dragon Engine has evolved further, and lets players enjoy a variety of technique unique to Yagami. He has three-dimensional attacks including flying kicks and attacks bouncing off walls.

Attacks using gravity are very effective against bigger enemies, and can even stun enemies.

Another important element is the ability to switch between two different stances. “Enbu” lets you overwhelm entire groups of enemies thanks yo impressive footwork, a long reach, and a wide attack range. “Issen” includes powerful strikes that can break the guard of your opponents.

While fighting, the EX Gauge will grow, letting you use the EX Actions and the EX Boost. EX Actions are powerful finishers similar to Yakuza‘s heat actions. EX Boost is a temporary boost to Yagami’s skills including increased attack speed, increased defense, decreased gauge depletion, and the ability to cancel physical attacks.

One of the dangers in Kamurocho is a group of thugs named the Keihin Alliance, who often attack the inhabitants and are quite dangerous. It may be wise to use what you can find on the street to fight them. And yes, Kamurocho’s bicycles are as lethal as ever.

We also get to see the progression menu. It’s important to improve Yagami’s skills and unlock new abilities regularly to help him face the many challenges of Kamurocho.

last, but not least, the screenshots portray three new characters.

Mitsugu Matsugane is the head of the Matsugane-Gumi yakuza family. He considers Yagami like a son and pushed back considerably when he wanted to become a lawyer. He’s approaching retirement with the rise of the young second-in-command Toru Azuma. Last but not least, we see clerk Charlie, who works at the game center.

You can check all the screenshots out below. If you want to learn more about the game you can enjoy some recent gameplay showing the beginning of the game, another gallery of screenshots and info released a few days ago, a look at the PS4 demo, a couple of extended trailers, and the first trailers and details about the western release.

The game will release in Japan on December 13th exclusively for PS4. A western release has already been announced, still for PS4 only, in 2019.

Incidentally, Project Judge won our Best Action/Adventure game award at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

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