Six Invitational 2019 Semi Finals Recap

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It is day two of the 2019 Six Invitational, the major Rainbow Six Siege tournament being held in Montreal Canada this weekend. Yesterday, we saw three underdogs crawl their way to the Semi-Finals and one favorite that struggled a bit more than people may not have expected. Now, four teams will fight to advance to the Grand Finals and take a piece of that $1 million prize pool.

PET Nora-Rengo vs. Team Empire

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Beginning the Semi-Finals of the Six Invitational is Japan’s PET Nora-Rengo and Russia’s Team Empire. It’s exciting to see that no matter who wins today, we’ll have at least one new team go to the Grand Finals tomorrow. Both of these two were underdogs in their respective matches, playing brilliantly against the favored picks.

Starting on Consulate, we see some comfort bans with Glaz and Mira. Team Empire get the first round but Nora-Rengo quickly came back with some exemplary play all-around in round 2 and 3 and just barely taking a win in round 4. After that, Nora-Rengo became a totally different team as they were just steamrolling the competition on both offense and defense. That is until round 7 where Empire was finally able to make a successful defense against the Japanese squad. However, Empire couldn’t keep that momentum as we saw the two trade a couple of rounds with Nora-Rengo inevitably taking the map.

Next, we see the two at the Bank. With such a strong performance on the last map, Nora-Rengo seemed like they were going to come in swinging. That was not the case, as Empire took the first round convincingly. In fact, the Russian team carried that momentum with them to win three more maps for 4-0. Nora-Rengo finally took a round but similarly to their opponents did with Consulate, Team Empire easily took the Bank 7-2.

For the third and final match, Nora-Rengo and Empire go to Coastline with former on the attack and the latter defending. I was anticipating a pretty even matchup between the two but Empire came out strong decimating Nora-Rengo for the first two rounds. However, the Japanese squad was able to pull off some close wins in rounds 3 and 4 to even the match to 2-2. After that small comeback, Team Empire went on another tear, almost certainly sealing their victory. Nora-Rengo did manage to take a round and was very close to extending the match even further but Empire won advancing to the Grand Finals.

Winner: Team Empire def. PET Nora-Rengo (2-1)

Team Reciprocity vs. G2 Esports

Watch Six Invitational 2019 – Playoffs – Day Five – G2 Esports vs. Team Reciprocity from Rainbow6 on

G2 Esports is one of the more decorated teams in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League. While they are the favorite to not only advance but win the Grand Finals, Team Reciprocity showed they have what it takes when they defeated another Invitational favorite, Evil Geniuses. The crowd is certainly in favor of a Reciprocity win as they represent the Great White North.

Although things started off with a dominant performance from G2 Esports, Team Reciprocity was able to answer back, tying things 1-1. It seems Reciprocity has the skills to compete with such a high caliber team but are simply being outplayed by G2 in Clubhouse. There was nothing the Canadian team could do to stop them. G2 ended up taking the map a whole 7-2, one of the bigger deficits this tournament has seen so far.

After that performance from Reciprocity, I fully expected G2 to take this fairly swiftly. Now on Coastline, Reciprocity starts things off by taking a round but similar to the last match, G2 starts the spanking pretty early in the match. With Reciprocity only managing to get only one more win, G2 was the better team, winning 7-2 again. Like many expected, G2 Esports is going to the Grand Finals

Winner: G2 Esports def. Team Reciprocity (2-0)

With the Semi-Finals over, we now know the two teams, G2 Esports and Team Empire, that will be competing for that sweet hammer trophy tomorrow. At 2:30 pm EST, the Grand Finals will begin with Team Empire and G2 Esports fighting for the title and the cash prize. You can catch the stream on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel. Additionally, the gameplay reveal of the new Operation: Burnt Horizon content will also be shown after the match so keep an eye out for that tomorrow.

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